Experience the real mountain farm life

Are you looking for a calm holiday far away from crowds and long queues? In that case a holiday on the farm Schantlhof will perfectly match your expectations. Authentic insights into the rural way of life, great outdoors and a warm and familiar atmosphere make your holiday with us unique.

Our mountain farm works so well thanks to the strong ties and the commitment of four generations. Since decades, our principal activity consists in livestock farming and milk production. However, not only cows but also goats, chickens and turkeys, cats and rabbits are part of our farm.

Watching the cows being milked, working with hay, collecting eggs or feeding the animals in the stables - there are so many things to enjoy while visiting our farm. We are happy to let our guests take part in our daily life on a mountain farm. Whether it’s helping us taking care of the animals and land, enjoying pure nature by setting off for a walk or listening to the birds singing in the nearby woods, there are so many adventures to be discovered on a mountain farm. Just bring the spirit for adventure, combined with a little curiosity and you will never get board on our farm.