Rural lifestyle with excellent taste

We are particularly proud of our homemade products: natural ingredients grown on our lands are hand-processed according to traditional recipes.

The sunny days of the south side of the Alps give the fruits, vegetables and herbs, which grow on our fields, a delicious aromatic flavour. We hand-process these ingredients in order to guarantee the best quality of our products. The range of our homemade delights include jam and honey, fruit juices and syrups, liqueurs, herbal salt and infusions. Our cows and goats are fed with the best local hay and in return they provide us with fresh milk that we use to produce high quality dairy products such as cheese or yogurt on a daily basis.

The best opportunity to taste our fresh and home-made farm products is the breakfast: start off your day with our tasteful delights on the beautiful balcony of the apartment. Enjoy your breakfast with fresh cow or goat’s milk, eggs from our farm, a revitalizing herbal infusion and delicious spreads. The local bakery delivers fresh bread and pastries every day.

Upon request, we prepare a fresh breakfast basket for you every morning and as you get up, it will wait for you in front of your door.